Library FAQ’s

The Town Center Elementary Library is a place where teachers and learners come to discover, create and explore their curiosity. It is a place to find new books to read widely and expand your horizons, as well as a place to work on digital projects and learn using technology.

How do I contact the Library Media Specialist?

The best way to reach Mrs. Berumen is via e-mail. She can be reached at:

How many books can I check out?

Kindergarten = 1 book in the fall, 2 books in the spring
1st-2nd = 2 books
3rd-5th = 3 books

When can I visit the library?

The library operates on a flexible schedule which means — no more waiting until library day — learners come to the library whenever they want or need! Teachers schedule lessons on information literacy skills that connect with what is being taught in the classroom. Small groups, individuals, and classes can all visit the library at the same time, anytime, for reading or research.

When are books due?

The computer marks all items overdue that have been checked out for two weeks or longer. If you have an item that is overdue you will get an e-mail reminder.

Please return books you are finished with promptly since others may be waiting to read them. Learners are welcome to keep items longer than two weeks, but don’t forget to come to the library to renew your items so they won’t be marked overdue. Fines are NOT charged for overdue items.

What happens if an item from the library is lost or damaged?

Lost books must be paid for in order to clear learner records. Once an item has been deemed lost (don’t forget to look under your bed and in your car first!) learners will be asked to pay for lost and damaged items.

What reading programs does the library sponsor?

Special reading-encouragement programs are offered throughout the year for all learners. Visit the Town Center Elementary Library website for more information on the 2×2 Program, Bluebonnet Book Club, and more! The library also runs Scholastic Book Fairs each year to get kids excited about reading and raise money for new books and author visits at Town Center Elementary.

What do students learn in the library?

Research shows that children learn best when they can access information at the point-of-need. Our library program is an extension of the classroom and information skills are taught within the context of the classroom curriculum. All learners participate in research units planned cooperatively with teachers and the Library Media Specialist to learn research and technology skills at the same time as they learn curriculum-related information.

How can parents get involved?

We are always looking for volunteers! If you are detail-oriented, patient, and flexible we can use your help. Please contact Mrs. Berumen if you are interested in being a weekly or bi-weekly shelving volunteer. Look for opportunities to help with special events, such as Book Fair, through our PTO.