Checking out MackinVIA

Over the last few weeks our scholars have been coming into the Learning Commons to learn about MackinVIA. MackinVIA is our campus digital content management system that houses all of our ebooks, audiobooks, online databases and many more important e-resources for our scholars.

Scholars from across the grade levels have been coming in and learning how to navigate all the various parts of the app such as:

  • How to use Categories to filter ebooks and audiobooks by genre.
  • How to open, check out, favorite, request and download an ebook/audiobook.
  • How to complete an advanced search in order to filter down ebooks based on their reading or grade level.
  • How to open and search our online databases for safe researching practices.
  • How to use Britannica Image Quest to search for and download safe images to use in class projects.
  • How to access and listen to interactive ebooks through Tumblebooks.
  • How to open Groups folders where there are resources that have been curated specifically for their curriculum needs. 
  • How to search within ebooks for quick access to content.
  • Plus much more!
Check out some of our youngest scholars practicing how to navigate within our MackinVIA app. 

Remember that our scholars have access to nearly 1500 e-resources ready to read 24/7/365 in one convenient app on their iPad. If you have questions about how to help your scholar access MackinVIA, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Berumen!

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